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Handbuilt custom steel bicycles to help you get lost

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Handbuilt to help get you lost

Ready for whatever...

Purpose-built bikes made one at a time

Mountain bikes, fatbikes, cyclocross, touring, 29+, whatever. Dream it up and I will make it.

Custom, to every last detail...

Every Meriwether frame is unique to you. Before any tubing hits the jig, I will make sure your frame is exactly what you want.

Meriwether Cycles custom built steel bicycle frames

Handcrafted in the Sierra Nevadas of northern California

Ready to roll for your next adventure

Meriwether Cycles custom steel bicycle frames

Made for you. Made for life.

Whit is the man behind Meriwether.

About Whit
Meriwether Cycles custom steel bicycle frames
Who we are

Every frame is hand-crafted by Whit Johnson. Learn more about who he is and why he makes bicycle frames with such care and purpose.

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Our Philosophy

The reason I myself bought custom frames and eventually got into framebuilding was to get something¬†more–something unique, something made just for me.

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Fully Custom

Each frame is unique, there are no stock sizes here. We will design your frame from scratch, made for your body and riding style.


Every Meriwether starts with your measurements, and your dreams. You are an integral part of the design process so we get it perfect the first time.

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We do this because we’re passionate about bikes. Learn more about Whit from Meriwether.

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