Waitlist / Queue update

Waitlist / Queue update

It’s been a very busy fall for orders so I’ve just updated the website to note i’ve gone from a 6 month wait to almost a year wait for a frame.  And if you contact me and don’t hear anything back in a few days, try again by mailing meriwethercycles at gmail dot com.  I just tried to return a potential customer email that got bounced back from mac.com. So Brian, if you are reading this, try sending me an email again through another server or shoot me your phone number.

I also wanted to share the reply to a potential customer when asked if I’m open to a little feedback on his ideas of what he’s looking for in a bike instead of just marking on a sheet what he wants.  Here was my response, and i think it says a little about me. I put a lot of time into each interaction and bike build, because that’s my opinion of what “custom” means.

“I’m extremely “conversational” in my design approach. Basically, you get to design what you want and i stick it all together. With limitations of course, mostly related to my current tooling.  So it’s not uncommon to exchange 100+ emails with customers, and hour long phone calls. I leave it up to you how much you want to discuss and research the details.  I have my opinions and experience and can help you refine your thoughts, or you can come with exactly what you want and I’ll ask for guidance along the way when I have any questions.  So, yes, you can give more than a little feedback, that’s how it should be if you’re paying that much for a custom frame!

For fitting, i rely on the numbers you supply in the frame order form. It’s rare that people live close enough to stop by my shop, so if you have a professional bike-fitter where you live that’d be best.  Or if you feel like your current bike fits well but you want different geometry and more braze-on options, etc. you can measure your bike’s contact points and send them to me and I’ll draw up a design with that.  You’re also welcome to come up and get fit, but i don’t have the technology that those with fitting software have (Retul or similar).”


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