Tour de old haunts

Tour de old haunts

It’s been a long time without no blogging, so here’s trying to get back into it. I also want to get other Meriwether bike owners a go at this if they so choose. So if you have one of my bikes and have a cool story to tell about a trip you did on the bike or story on the local trail…send it on over!

But for now, here’s some photos from a three day tour visiting a few places i haven’t seen in over 25 years. Such a perfect way to reset and refresh my mind. I never can get enough of being out there. But that is what makes it so special and what makes me appreciate it all the more when I do get out there.

I’ve been wanting to revisit some old haunts from when I was a kid so I visited my old stomping grounds around Mountain Camp II, south of Lake Tahoe on Ice House Reservoir.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking but there is a lengthy write up i will include below the text someday.

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